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Promoting low skilled adults & pedagogical multimedia resources
MIP+ is a charity under famous french "loi 1901" law.
Main activity
Today, the "play and learn" multimedia is invading all communication space. The development of the digital highways participate in this fact, by adapting Internet to fit any kind of work ! From all of these, some rare information on the pedagogical tools, for open learning activity, points out. To review the situation, most accurately of low skilled adults and actual contribution of multimedia tools, the MIP+ organisation offers a documentary study :
La BOM : Boîte à Outils Multimédias
"The Boîte à Outils Multimédias" (nearly 600 pages), gathers information to help trainers with the choice of French relevant Multimedia resources regarding the specific needs of low skilled adults. This French survey, written by MIP+ members (original idea Annie Mioche and Jean Vanderspelden) describes pedagogical softwares for adult basic education mainly, but teletraining tools also (computer, video-conferencing, BBS, WEB, etc...). Today, there are more than 300 described pedagogical references, for PC computer, only. A few of them are available in different European languages. Each Multimedia pedagogical tool is presented on both sides of the page providing details about price/editor/contact, required material, purposes and target publics. There is a description and short comment to enhance the multimedia strand on the one hand, and point out the weak points, on the other hand. These tools cover up the following fields ; assessment, basic knowledge (literary, numeration, writing and reading), general culture, technical & sciences culture and tools for the trainers. This is a means to spread out information about pedagogical multimedia products and services to the pedagogical team of Open Learning Centres and training organisations. This fifth update publication (2005) is now available.
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